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The previous thread was getting a bit to long, please continue your discussion here.

Thanks, ms_mod
Yes, I am going all alone this trip - for the first time, which is why I am a bit apprehensive. I love going out of town on businesss and did it quite a bit a couple of years ago, but it was always with a few people, never on my lonesome! I will have old friends to see, new ones to get acquainted with, whom I've only spoken to on the phone or email, so I am looking forward to that. I think I am the opposite of you, I get panicky feeling from staying in the house too much. I have the need to get out of here! It used to drive me crazy because my husband hardly ever wanted to leave the house, and by Monday, I was screaming to go back to work! lol Being on Prozac has helped him quite a bit with that, thank goodness. He still likes to mostly stick close to home.

I have not noticed not wanting to be touched, I think I feel more affectionate now because I don't feel so irritable all the time. Being happy spills over into affection for me, and I am a real touchy feely sort of person. As far as you going to the doctor so much at first is entirely normal. they want to closely monitor your progress, and as you get to your optimum dose and stabilize, you won't have to go nearly as much. You will eventually get there!

You know, I just realized that Jeffrysmom is on the other thread, "need advice about Lexapro". Guess I'll go there too and send her and Adam a note and see what happens! :)

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