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I have been taking Lexapro for almost a month. I too was terrified to take this stuff but I have to tell you I am so glad I did.
I too started small cutting the half of ten in halfs. Now I am up to 7.5 and the side effects are pretty much all together gone.
My Psychiatrist told me of all the meds. he has seen the best results from lexapro and also the least withdrawl.
Now the first week and a half was not good for me and many days I said forget it and wanted to stop. Someone posted about riding it out to get to the other side and I did. My anxiety is so much better and I sleep like a rock at night.
Some days I try to figure out , what about the way I feel is different? I can't pin point it but all I can say is I feel like Me just better. Something I normally would freak out of will confront me and I seem able to just cope. My Dr. said Lexapro stops the "obsessive thought process" which is what I had "what if"!
There are some great people on these boards to chat with and we will support you :wave: In what ever you decide to do hang in there...

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