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Hey Bell, how are you doing girl? Those kids must have you running around like crazy, since we haven't heard from you since the first of the week. I'm doing good, but it seems like lately all I want to do is eat, and I am staying hungry alot. I know that alot of people have posted that the Lexapro did that to them, and I wonder if it has started doing that to me too. It's really mostly at night time. GOSH I hope that goes away, I can't afford to gain weight! :eek: I work so hard to keep it off, and now going through the big "M", it is so much easier to gain, and almost impossible to lose!

Adam is doing some better and starting his therapy on his ears next week. He was a bit worried because his general manager kind of threatened his job one day this week. I hope nothing happens there. He really has alot on his plate as far as health problems. I'm hoping the Zoloft will kick in and help him with the anxiety and he will feel better soon.

I took off work today so I would have a extra long weekend, and I am looking forward to it. We have my husband's family reunion tomorrow and then we can probably ride the motorcycle either Sunday or Monday. I hope my allergies can take it! Oh - I have to tell you something. A friend of mine came up and we went to see another one of my friends in the hopsital in Memphis - AND I drove up there on the interstate all the way without getting a panic attack!!!! I did fine. Don't know how I would do if I had to do it alone, but I might be ok, I will just have to find out. This is major for me! So, I can tell that the Lex is working on my fears and what makes me anxious!! :bouncing:

Post us an update soon. I miss hearing from all of you!

xo Jackie B
You know what, Bell? When I was younger, I would drive anywhere - I was not scared at all. I went to Mississippi State University which is about 3 hours away and I would drive to and from there without a thought! I would go see my cousin who lives an hour and a half away, and not think anything about it. I don't you know about you - but my big fear is that my car could break down and someone could stop and abduct me and rape me or something. THAT is what makes me have the panic attacks.

It takes the Ginko a couple of weeks to really kick in. Be sure to take 120 mg twice a day. A friend of mine went to Sam's this week and got her some too. I hope it helps her. She's older than me and her husband is 9 years younger than her and like yours - has a huge sex drive and she doesn't. At least he is out of town during the week - which does give her some relief :D

I truly miss the energy too! I still have a hard time just sitting down and reading a book or something. I had rather either be up doing something or on the computer, I guess because you're active when you're on the computer.

I haven't noticed that I crave sweets any more than I already did - it's just pure HUNGER :eek: And like I said - mostly at night. I do good during the day, but bad at night. I have got to quit buying the crunch Cheetos - I have been eating them like crazy! I am scared to weigh :eek: I have so many problem with my stomach it is hard to eat or drink things that have aspertame in them, but now Diet Coke has come out with their new one that has Splenda in it. I was so excited - I went and bought one yesterday and drank the whole 20 oz thing and it didn't bother it at all! :bouncing: I am really excited about this. OH yeah - I don't know if I have said this before, but I am only 4'10" so all my weight goes to my butt and legs too. So I really have to watch it.

Good to hear from you, Bell!

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