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Hi Michael & all - I hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but I just read through your posts and it sounds like I could have written all of them. My health anxiety started 12 years ago, over HIV - I had no real reason to think I had it, but I finally tested when I found out I was pregnant - of course the test was negative, but I scared myself to death waiting for those results, esp. since I had been so anxious imagining that I had HIV. I had been an anxious person before that, but that was how my health anxiety got comes & goes in cycles, believe me, the things I have convinced myself I have are crazy....I am doing better now with klonopin, therapy & trying to stay off the internet "symptom" sites, etc. I wish you all luck, and just wanted to say, that I wish I would have gotten help for the anxiety the moment it started instead of suffering for so long & getting myself into such a nervous state, so if you are new to these symptoms, why not get a doc. to check you out, just for peace of mind (scary as those days of waiting for blood tests can be!), get meds or a therapist or a self-help book & get back to relaxation & happiness! I am on my way, only wish that I hadn't wasted so much time....Hope it helps to know you are not alone, it sure helps me! Best wishes to everyone, Marirose

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