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I don't think anxiety can only be caused by mercury fillings. It can be caused, I believe, by magnesium deficiency or lack of serotonin, for example. - or perhaps combination of those things. Supplements can help with that. Lifestyle and personal situation can be contributing factors.

Fish can be a high source of mercury, however, or something in the environment. Mercury can also be passed to children from the mother while in the womb.

I always had nervous disposition, but I never had OCD until I had fillings. It's is an exteme anxiety disorder and is caused by neuro-transmitter problems in the brain. Mercury is a neuro toxin that interferes with neuro-transmitters.

It may be the cause of my problems, just like smoking might be the cause of some peoples poor health. But some people will get lung problems without every having smoked. That doesn't mean that smoking won't be the cause of it for some who smoke.

My mother has OCD and has far more mercury in her mouth than I do. So, I might have a genetic predisposition to the condition that the mercury triggers/exaggerates. It attacks different places in different people, and that might be where they have genetic weakness etc. Of course the mainstream medical and dental profession won't explore this because of the fear of liability suits, but alternative medics and dentists do.

I believe the best substance to have in your teeth is diamondlite (providing it's biocompatible to the individual). Others can cause serious problems, at least in some individuals.

Hope that makes sense :)

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