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I'm seeing a holistic dentist to investigate whether I am suffering from mercury poisoning. I started having fillings at about 9-10 and by age 12 I had full blown OCD symptoms and I'd never had these before. Not long after having the fillings, I changed completely from the child I was. I became shy, withdrawn, depressed, anxious, and by 14 suicidal as life was so hard as I was getting bullied at school aswell.

Mercury is above all a neuro-toxin and OCD and anxiety and depression may be caused by neural transmitter problems in the brain. Some people with mercury poisoning have all MS symptoms from neuro problems in other parts. From what I've read, it depends where the mercury affects most, or where the person is most vulnerable, and varies individually. I had nervous disposition, so maybe aggravated the problem.

I've had shakes since I started having fillings, hypersensitive skin (like burn to the touch), migraines, pins and needles, numbness, sinus, infertility, hair thinning, night sweats, anxiety disorder, compulsion to blink, and various other things. I never realised until I listed them all lately how they are all related to mercury poisoning!

I might never know for certain if my anxiety disorder was caused by the mercury but I have a lot of symptoms, a lot of fillings, a lot of years of exposure (20) - and I'm looking into having the fillings removed and then going on detox. It's not enough to remove the fillings, the mercury needs to be removed from the body.

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