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[QUOTE=hry33]klonapin and xanax arent the same, they are different valium type meds, many take both, nothing illegal about them

klonapin does last longer and so needs to be taken less often during the day, both are popular for anxiety, especially panic attacks

the doses of both are different, if klonapin is too strong, reduce the dose until you get used to it

its rare for an anxiety sufferer to become truly addicted to any of these meds, most are too sensible, xanax is no more dangerous or addictive than any other valium type med but has a bad reputation in some places, therefore if asking doc for a valium type med, generally best to not ask for xanax[/QUOTE]They are both benzodiazapams. They are the same. The Klonopin just lasts longer. My shrink told me this. Xanax is very addictive. Look it up on the internet. Believe me, I have gone through withdrawl and it is horrible. Flu like symptoms and seizures are among the worse. The anxiety also comes back ten fold. Valium is great. I took it for my angioplasty sugery. :bouncing:

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