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Well I have been taking Lexapro over a month now and it works fairly well. Not as well as it did the first time around when I first took it a couple years ago. But, I switched the time I take it to the mornings (instead of taking it in the evening) and I also am allowing myself to only drink one cup of coffee now in the morning, and only 1 cigarrette at night. Before, I was drinking lots of coffee and smoking more than usual...I was beginning to feel panicky feelings and since cutting back on both the coffee and cigarrettes I am doing much better. Yes, I do think that Lexapro is a stimulating antidepressant, and I personally dont mind it but I do notice that I need to be careful not to take in too much other stuff to exacerbate it. Yes, sometimes taking ativan or a xanax at times of extreme anxiety (especially on starting Lexapro) will be really beneficial. Personally I keep some ativan on hand just in case. Altogether though I am pleased with Lexapro because I do feel much more balanced now compared to when I was not taking the medication. Lexapro has been the better working ssri for me so far. Its one of those things, you just have to find out what works for you. Good luck and let us all know how its going.

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