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[QUOTE=I_M_Scared]Thank you for replying.
As my name says, I am scared all of the time.
I am scared I have done something wrong, innapropriate, or harmful to someone. These thoughts go round and round in my head.
I know I have a lot of triggers. I was reading a magazine last night, True Story magazine, and there was an allegedly "true" story in there that triggered my worry button.
My attacks of anxiety and panic produce the following symptoms:
-overwhelming fear (that I can't always place what I am afraid of)
-physical symptoms of sweating, feeling hot all over, dizziness, chest pain, headaches, shortness of breath
-overwhelming fear of dying during panic episodes
-fear of telling anyone for what they will think of me-that I am a horrible person for the thoughts that go around in my head
-terrified I will or might have hurt someone or myself, I replay scenes in my head over and over to analyze if i might have done something wrong.


Lovely, huh??

I am soooooo tired of this merry go roung of crap.

Thanks for the help.[/QUOTE]

Hello I_M_Scared... I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have had panic attacks (and that's what you are having by your description) for years now. They arent so bad anymore but at one time they were ruining my life... They started right after I had a really BAD Flu and could barely breathe. I had to get down on my knees and put my head to the floor to keep from passing out because I couldnt breathe. This happened on and off during the course of this Flu and left me with permanent Anxiety Attacks which did not stop when the Flu was over......

Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with emphysema (C.O.P.D.) I had been a BAD smoker for 25 years and the damage had been done even though I given up cigarettes 15 years earlier... So now I am on inhalers.. But thats not the point here..... the point is that my Doc put me on Xanax (1 1/2 milligrams per day) and it has helped with the panic attacks immensley.....

Whenever I get a panic attack now I put a .5 milligram tablet under my tounge and let it dissolve and the panic attack goes right away..............

So you might want to go see your Doc, tell him/her how you feel and ask for something to help.... they may not give you Xanax, they may give you something else, but help is out there :) :) :)

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