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Re: Worst Sytmptom
Jun 2, 2005
[QUOTE=tooanxious]I know we all have a whole bunch of symptoms but what is your worst one? Mine is the heart palpitations and racing. I think I am having a heart attack it really freaks me out. When I am anxious it wont stop for a while.[/QUOTE]

Heart related thoughts are one of my favorites.

Matter of fact, just got back from the ER due to pains shooting down my left arm and into my jaw. By the time I got there my heart was racing at 160bpm and I was having palpitations. BP was 200 over 160. Course they rushed me right in to one of the er rooms which made my symptoms worse, now I was having trouble breathing too.They ran through a battery of test which were all negative of course. They finally gave me some ativan and as I calmed down, things went back to normal. They let me go home after about 4 hrs and told me to follow up with my primary for treatment.

Funny how it builds though, it started out last week as some mild pain in my shoulder and then would come on everyday about 3pm and with each day the pain getting stronger and more diffuse so I couldn't really tell where it was coming from. Today was the grand finale though, my shoulder/arm/neck pain was accompanied by dizziness and a numb left side of my face so I decided to go in.

One of the nurses at the ER said they could always tell the difference between a heart attack and a panic attack just by the look on the persons face.

Hmmm, just thinking about it is giving me a headache. Must be a brain tumor.


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