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Re: Worst Sytmptom
Jun 3, 2005
I too have been in the ER for pains and such. also have had the breathless feeling, palipitation, tingling numbness, swollen tongue feeling, lightheadiness, etc,etc,etc.
It's amazing what your mind can do to your body, oh also the vision disturbances. I actually start to get an attack when the sun goes behind a cloud and it gets dim out.
If someone else isnt there to ask if its getting darker out I freak out. Has anyone ever experienced the cartoon effect? now thats weird. everything gets really vivid, and depth perception is all distorted. I also get occular migraines, looks like i am looking at a kaleidascope. It helps to actually talk yourself through it say in your mind, I AM breathing, my heart IS beating, its just a feeling. breath evenly and deeply for a few moments. count if you have to. do something physical, alot of the feeling come from the adrenaline rush, so you have to work it off. I have hugh health anxiety. Just had a physical, have had mri's (brain tumor, ms) blood test(lukemia),colonoscopy(stomach cancer),sonograms,EKG,of course they are all fiine. but it helps to ease the anxiety. My DR. is really very compassionate, which helps BIG time. so now I think he must have missed something. although I have no symptoms of anything. TMJ can cause some of the pains and funny feeling in the face jaw and neck (most of us grind our teeth at night, and also clench the jaw) hang in there everyone, better times to come.

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