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I could use some advice. I have been treated by my primary care doctor for depression/anxiety for quite a few years. I have been on probably 6 or more various meds but the side effects usually make me stop. He has refered me to therapy many times and I finally started to go last March.

My therapist feels I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Panic Attacks and high Anxiety. She would like to see me change my meds. Currently I am taking Remeron 30mg for the last two years at night as it totally knocks me out. One of my main complaints is/was that I could not go to sleep as I couldn't stop my brain from panicing constantly. I wake up with panic most mornings. I also have Xanax .50 "as needed". I still live in an almost constant state of anxiety and I hate it.

She said that Lexapro might be a good choice. I was on that a few years ago but it made me so "speedy" that I was worse than without it. I did not have the Xanax at that time. She said I should give it at least four months, with the Xanax, and from what I read here it sounds like that side effect will eventually go away.

My question is, does the Xanax really help with the speedy feeling? I was so hyper on it last time I was a wreck. Is there a better alternative? I am hesitant to try it again because of the way I felt but that time I only took it for about five weeks before I gave up. Will my sleep problems get worse? The reason we settled on Remeron is that it is so sedating for me and my ins co will not pay for the prescription sleep aids. It isn't doing a thing for my anxiety however.

I look forward to the day that I won't "need" the Xanax to function and not stress out over everything and nothing. I see my primary doctor next week and he will change my meds for me when I tell him that I do not feel they are working and my therapist's advice.

Any advice from your experiences would really be appreciated.

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