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I've had panic attacks since I was a teen, before I even knew what anxiety was. Mine started after I was raped, and not being in a good state of mind anyway, I experimented with some acid with a group of friends and had an awful "trip" ( I've grown waaay out of that). I immediatly started my panic attacks. I remember waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I was haveing a heart attack. I would make my mom take walks with me to calm down. Finally, one panic attack was so bad my parents took me to the ER, from there I went to a doctor who said anxiety. I can remember how those attacks would last for days. They haven't been that bad since, a few minor ones here and there. My last recent bad attack was a year ago. I was in public when it happend. An ambulance was almost called because my pulse was racing so bad it felt like a heart attack all over again. It took me hours to calm down before I came to terms with it being a panic attack. It's wierd how they can happen out of the blue like that.

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