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my longest panic attack at one time lasted for 2 hours and then felt pretty bad anxiety till the next morning untill I fell asleep from exhaustion.
Do you have blood in your urine & stool? If in your stool, it depends on how much. For example, if you have a hard stool it can kind of cut you inside your colon on the way out and cause a little blood on your toilet paper when you wipe which is no big deal. If it's a lot of blood you should go the the ER and get checked out. (not trying to freak you out) but it can be something bad if it's a lot of blood. Lot of blood meaning, there's blood "IN" the toilet water after you use the bathroom, or you have very dark or black stools which means there's blood in your stool in which case could be many thing such as a bleeding ulcer, hemorrhage, or something of that nature which needs to be treated as soon as possible. The only way to really know is to get proper tests ran on you to find out. The doctor just telling you that on the phone I think is crap without having tests ran, unless you told her/him it's just a little blood as I explained above which is nothing to worry about.
If you're only treating your anxiety with xanax then you're not really "treating" it as it comes back as soon as the meds wears off. If you've been on that much xanax for a long time now then if you ever cut down make sure to do it SLOWLY over a month or 2 because some people can have seizures when coming off it and need to be put on an anti convulsant until they're fully weaned off it or down to a much lower dose. I only took xanax for my anxiety for 2 years & later my anxiety turned into panic attacks. I'm now on an SSRI which IS for sure helping me! I only had panic attacks in the first week on it & they were short 1's. I've also, learned the correct breathing techniques which has helped too! A LOT! I did it during my first week on zoloft while having panic & the 1st one went away in under 30 seconds or so.. The second one went away in about 10 or 20 seconds.. It was so short I couldn't believe it! My SSRI, is also, helping me not obsess about my panic too. It's on my mind less & less as time goes by & I've only been on zoloft for 16 days now! If you're only taking xanax you should for sure try and SSRI. Some work for some people & now for others. For example, paxil didn't work for me but I know people who do great on it. You just gotta try them untill you find the one for you. You'll be glad you did!
Take care & I hope you feel better soon!
T. :)

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