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Well we can probably all chalk it up to stress. weeone, i took Zoloft for a while but it didn't seem to help. I don' t think i took it long enough. Back then i didn't understand that I should continue taking the Xanax while taking the Zoloft, and that the Zoloft would take up to 4-6 weeks to work. I took it and expected it to feel like Xanax I guess, and when it didn't I just didn't think it worked. its worth a shot for you. This is why its so important to find a good doctor and make sure you ask questions if you don't understand. he never explained anythign to me, just wrote out a prescription for me and told me it would help me...I believe that's part of the reason I am in this predicament today, addicted to Xanax and still as anxious as ever.

However, most people that are patient and try different things until they find something that works have great results. I have heard wonderful things about Lexapro if you can just persist beyond the initial side effects. I may ask if I can try that or Wellbutrin.

Lillians Axe, it made me feel better when my doc told me everyone's differnt and osme people just have to take Xanax for the rest of their lives because nothing else works. I have a feeling I might be one of those people. Some drs. can make you feel like you are a bad person from having to take Xanx, but if thats what you have to do to live your life then by God I think you should do it. I hope you both feel better and find something eventually that works for you.

None of us are matter what your symptom or what you are feeling, there is someone else out there who feels the exact same thing. Every time I post something on this board I find at least one other person feeling the exact same and that makes me feel SO much better.

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