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lamictal is a heavy duty anticonvulsant now being expensively promoted for anxiety to docs, ( frequent flyer points perhaps for doc??) or is the drug co paying doc for a trial of it on his anxiety patients.....

these expensive meds, neurontin is another are very profitable and may perhaps be of some benefits for treatment resistant panic attacks but IMO are a total overkill for anxiety

if the effexor is working properly you will be much more calm and not needing much ativan at all, if the effexor dose is low maybe up it, if the effexor isnt working at a higher dose, and sometimes it wont work at all, even at he max dose then
the best alternative IMO is to try another antidepressant of a different type, perhaps prozac

you may be better off with a new doc
I have the classic agoraphobia and panic attacks. My last doc left, and I got stuck with the new nurse practitioner. She hates the idea that all I take is xanax, as needed, and give me a script for lamictal. I was doing pretty good just a little trouble sleeping and she said this would help.

Now I am a little scared to take it. Ok, a lot scared, I hate the idea of any medication. I went through the SSRI route for two years, tried most of them and it was the worse two years of my life.

30 .25mg of xanax last me 2.5 to 3 months. Is it time for a new doc for me?
Anyone else take lamictal for panic/anxiety/agoraphobia?


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