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I can't breathe!!
Jun 9, 2005
I suffered from anxiety about three years ago, and was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I had all the symptoms, and thought that I was going crazy. Somehow, after a lot of therapy sessions, I managed to overcome it without any meds.
Then all of a sudden out of the blue, I get these sensations like I can't breathe. My chest feels so tight, that I constantly feel the need to take a deep breath, but I can't.
This feeling might last for 5 minutes, might last for 3-4 days. I am not having any other symptoms, although I start to get really panicky. I know this was one of my symptoms before, and I try to tell myself that now. I have been to the doc and all my tests have come back normal.
My doc then asked me to try Effexor, which I am now on day 7 of. So far, a few side effects, and generally feeling worse. Don't have the desire to even get out of bed in the morning anymore.
I guess what I want to know is..has anyone else dealt with this constant tightness in the chest, and can someone please tell me when I can start benefitting from taking Effexor? It terrifies me that I seem to be getting worse instead of better.
Thanks in advance,

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