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[QUOTE=Tiggerredz]Does anyone know exactly what it does if you drink on Xanax? What makes it so dangerous? I have been wonderding this myself? Also hw much Xanax does it take. What if you just needed a small dose to get to the event, then you wanted a cocktail?[/QUOTE]
Ok, lets say, you took 5mg of xanax before drinking. Then you have some drinks. When the alcohol gets into your system it makes the effects of the xanax stronger so, instead of feeling like you took 5mg of xanax it would then feel like you took say 15 to 20mg of xanax plus you would get really drunk really easy so, if you drank your normal intake of alcohol with xanax you'll get very sloppy drunk fast, dizzy, clueless & maybe even pass out somewhere.
I have drank on xanax (2.5mg) before thinking it would be fine & after having 2 mixed drinks I couldn't see. I had to squint with one eye closed & was still seeing tripple & was swaying back & forth. I puked all over myself and couldn't walk. It was terrible and very embarrassing! (i usually have 4 to 5 drinks while out at a club or party by the way). My friends had to carry me to the car and drive me home (which I don't remember any of). Lucky for me I was with people I could trust otherwise, I could have been raped or who knows what & would have never remembered it.
I'm on zoloft now & haven't had any drinks on it yet... I'm a little scared to really after my experience above.
If you do drink on the xanax try doing it at home with a friend or someone there who knows you're on xanax and what could happen so, they know what to do if you pass out. If all goes well, then you should be fine going out...Just don't drive! Drink your drinks VERY slowly say, one drink then wait an hour to see how you feel. Then a 2nd drink, wait an hour, etc.. this way you'll know how you'll respond to mixing the drinking with xanax.
Good luck! (by the way, the extreem drunkness came on me FAST while on xanax. My first drink I felt fine.. was fine for about 3 hours and the wham!!!! I was almost blind till the next day!)

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