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Hi, glad you came here! This is a really great place to reach out. That has been my experience, I love these boards. I feel comfortable reaching out here, as well as being there and caring and sharing my experiences.
It is not uncommon for you to have fear of these meds, after all you would be trying something completely new and taking a different approach than you have taken before. Also, medication is not the cure all...I can tell you that.There is no cure all when it comes to depression, but you can find relief. Medication can help lessen depression and anxiety if you find the right medication for you. Some people find the right antidressant with their first try and others have to try different medications till they find the right one for them.Every person is unique. Depression is a common illness, and it can be treated with both therapy and medication and without therapy there is success with medication alone. Thats great you already are in therapy, thats a big step! Good for you, for wanting to do well for yourself. The medications that are out there for antidepressants (most common ones right now) are the ssri's. To name a few Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa,Lexapro, Wellbutrin. There may be more, but none come to my mind right away. Oh yes, Cymbalta.There is also Effexor, and also older antidepressants out there. The ssri's tend to have not as many side effects compaired to the other meds. There is also Buspar which helps with anxiety, but it can only be used short term because it stops working for most people after a year. Keep in mind that most people do notice some sort of side effects when starting these ssri's, and that in order for the medication to work you may not notice any relief till you have been on it sometimes up to 4-6 weeks (or less). It takes time for these meds to start working in your system. My experience with ssri's has been good. The first med I tried was Paxil, and it worked well, I stayed on it short term. Then when I began extensive therapy years later and I tried Zoloft--that worked really well. Now I am no longer in therapy but find that I do much better on medication than off it. I take Lexapro now and plan on staying on it permanantly. Lexapro had the most side effects to me compared to the other medications I had tried in the past. When starting Lexapro I had severe anxiety and seemed to increase when I was at 2 wks on it. But I stuck it out, and have been on it for now 2 months. I find that although the side effects were very difficult, this one medication is by far the best I have tried. I find that I am more productive in my life and my relationships. The anxiety is not there anymore at all. So, anyway, I hope I was of some help. Let me know how it goes for you ok? I wish you the very best! :)

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