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Re: Fear of sleep?
Jun 11, 2005
Ksoup - thanks so much for the reply, it's nice to know that I'm not alone. Right now I'm taking nozanin (an older antipsychotic), about 30 mg, and it doesn't help that much. I prefer seroquel over that drug. As for ambien, I don't think it is available here in Canada, but if it is anything like Imovane that I've taken, I wouldn't take it. Imovane gave me weird body sensations, vertigo and extreme weakness (did not help with sleep). Klonopin would make me feel giddy and relaxed when I used to take it for panic attacks, so maybe I can ask my doctor about that. And you're absolutely right about sleep deprivation making anxiety worse. It made it so hard for me to breathe, it felt like there were 50 bricks on my chest. A horrible feeling. I will definitely keep you updated, and you me :)

vo-5 - I've never tried Xanax, but I did take trazodone in the "looney bin". It helped a bit to keep me asleep, but left me sensitive to light in the morning (my pupils were dilated to the extreme).

Don't we all wish we could just find the right drug?

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