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Mine can start up any time -- either from stress overload, worry, etc., or from seemingly nothing at all. They've occurred in the house at night, first thing in the a.m., while driving, in a restaurant, in a doctor's office while getting physical therapy on my back (years ago -- that was the first REAL panic attack, I believe).

My symptoms are always somewhat different and frequently bizarre. Last Friday I had an episode that scared the heck out of me and I am seeing my cardiologist tomorrow to discuss it.

In the morning, in the kitchen while just moving around trying to decide where to hang up a calendar on a wall, I had sudden angina-like heaviness, pressure, discomfort in my chest and went into instantaneous panic attack -- so freaked out I felt like I was out of my own body. No nausea, no trouble breathing, no real sweating, didn't pass out -- but felt like I was so sick -- indescribably sick -- that I would fall over and die.

Somehow I ended up in another room of the house and when calmed down a bit and mind had stopped racing so much in a bizillion directions, sat down and took my blood pressure with home machine. Pretty normal!

I do have a so-called "benign" heart arrythmia so that can make any panic/anxiety worse, or it can be a problem with angina. This time, I felt no blips/palpitations at all, though. Hopefully I will find out if I had a true angina attack or if it was panic/anxiety-driven. (I've been under extreme stress for many reasons for a full year and a half!)

Other than the chest discomfort, it sure seemed like panic. But which comes first, the pain or the panic? I know many people are uncertain of the way this goes. And I understand panic/anxiety chest pain either sharp or heaviness, tightness, pressure, etc., can mimic angina/heart attack. Does this sound familiar???

The whole episode the other day was over within 10 minutes and other than being nervous and a bit shaky the balance of the day, I felt absolutely fine. I am 56 years old so heart concerns are more prevalent than in a younger person, but I had that calcium scan of the heart six months ago and had ZERO build up.

Have any of you ever experienced any chest discomfort with your panic/anxiety episodes??? I'm taking magnesium again as I hear it helps relax heart arteries AND is good for panic/anxiety. Anyone else heard this?

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