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Re: Medication
Jun 19, 2005
[QUOTE=sculpture]I am so against any medication because the side effects etc they can cause which would only give me more to worry about. However, I feel I will be forced to take them because my anxiety and fears are out of control. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on what works best with the least dangers. Also, there are so many people on meds here that are still suffering so much with anxiety, then what do the meds do anyway? Thank you.[/QUOTE]
Each med such as zoloft, paxil, lexipro, etc., works different for each individual person due to each persons unique DNA which makes each person metabolize each medicine differently. So, for example, Zoloft works GREAT for me & only had a few minor side effects that only lasted for about 10 days & am now having no side effects at all BUT paxil had terrible side effects on "me" so, I stopped taking it within 2 days because they were so sever. A friend of mine though takes paxil & it works great for him with no side effects after the first 2 weeks BUT zoloft did not work for him at all and gave him too many side effects.
I metabolize zoloft well & he metabolizes paxil well.
Most doctors will give you an anti depressant medication to try for 1 month to see "IF" it works for you. This is the trial and error stage of "finding" the right medication for "you". It can be very frustrating during this time because if the med don't work well for you then you end up going through more anxiety & side effects over a longer peroid of time due to the time it takes to put in to "finding" the right med for you. I only had to try 2 medications before finding the right one for me. Others get lucky enough to find it on the first try. There is one way to know for sure up front if a med wont work for you & that's to have a "DNA Drug Reaction Test" ran on you. The test tells you what SSRI's & lots of other medications also, not related to mental health as well, how your individual DNA metabolizes each medication & you'll know if you wont tolerate it well up front so, you don't have to go through the trial and error stage of finding a med that works well for you with little side effects. You can then get straight to what WILL work for you since you know which meds wont work for you.
You can search on the internet for DNA Drug Reaction Tests and should get all the info you need for the test. It costs around $600 for all of the tests & some insurance companies will pay for it so, if you have insurance, tell your doctor you NEED to have the test done because you CAN'T handle going through "trying" a med only to find it don't work for you & he'll write it up as medically necessary & then you can call your insurance Co. to see if they'll pay for it. If you do not have insurance & can't afford the test on your own then I say, go for it & try a medication. It's SOOOO worth it in the end you'll be glad you did! :)
I know it can be scarey thinking you might go through more anxiety, etc., but I can't stress enough how GREAT it is once you get past that 2 to 3 week bump & find a good 1 for you!
One thing to keep in mind up front though is that all of the meds have some side effects the first 7 to 14 days. Such as a little more anxiety, upset stomach, etc. These will all pass though if the med is right for your body.
These side effects are just from your body adjusting to the medication. Zoloft is good for panic, anxiety, OCD, depression. I have panic anxiety disorder & my panic attacks were VERY BAD before I started but it was like after about a week and 1/2 I just woke up and suddenly felt GREAT! the anxiety started getting less and less each day that went by I felt even more better. If you try a med and have TERRIBLE side effects like I did on paxil, then I'd stop after 2 days & go back to the doc to try a different medication. IF, though the side effects are not terrible (and I mean bad-not tolerable) then stay on it and give it a 3 week try.. By then you should start feeling better. Make sure to start on a very low dose like say 12.5mg the first week then raise up to say, 25mg the 2nd week & stay there for 2 weeks & see how you feel. If you seem to be doing well then you might be able to stay at that dose if you're not then raise to about 50mg for the 4th week & you'll know by then if it's good for you or not. I have read about some people on effexor having bad anxiety from it for about 6 weeks but are VERY happy they hung in there because it all went away. So, you just gotta get in there and give it a shot! Once you decide on what medication to try 1st, let us know and keep us posted on how you're doing. I personally feel that the key to having a little side effects as possible is to start on a low dose & work up higher over 2 to 3 weeks. It worked well for me.
Take care,

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