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1st day on Lexapro
Jun 21, 2005
I went to see a therapist with my wife last weekend to work out some issues that I have had for quite some time now. By the end of the session she had diagnosed me (to my disbelief) with a major anxiety disorder. I knew that I had some anxiety, but nothing to that degree. She told me that I should start taking an SSRI like Lexapro or Paxil. I chose Lexapro. I took it for the first time last night after dinner and everything was just fine. Then, this morning I woke up feeling depressed & a little anxious. This feeling has continued throughout the whole day & into tonight. Some moments I feel as though i'm having an attack & others i'm just feeling down & out. I never felt this way before I started taking the meds. The occasional anxious feeling, but never this close to an attack. Is this a normal thing when first taking Lexapro, or am I just having a bad reation to it??? Can someone please help? Thanks.
I don't remember feeling that way at all. I started out with the whole 10mg and only experienced nausea at first. I felt kind of hung over in the mornings for a while, but it would pass later after some coffee. I didn't feel depressed at all, I was depressed badly before that, and it helped tremendously with that and my anxiety. Give it some time, you should be feeling better within a week. If you don't, please touch base with your doctor.
This is normal, my first week of lexapro, I had to rush to ER because i thought I was dying, but it was really an attack. I am not on week 5 and feel the anxiety leaving me, I feel worlds better! Itll be hard at first, but that just means your body needs the meds and you are having initial side effects. Stick through it and Im sure you will have great results! Best of luck!
Maybe you need to start at 5mg? That is what I did . Even on 5 that first week was rough to say the least.
Good News is I rode it out and boy am I glad I did.
I went to Dr. strickly for anxiety. I took several test and he told me I had moderate depression too! My test on Anxiety were through the roof and it turns out the stuff I was depressed about was caused by the way the anxiety made me feel. I too was in disbelief. Now when I compare the way I feel now to then I see I really was depressed and didn't even know it.
Hang in there things should start to look up for you in a week or so :wave:
Some people are hyper sensitive I felt it within an hour of taking my first dose!
I felt anxious and extreamly irritable. All my side effects passed in about two weeks.
I took my first dose and within half an hour had to rush my daughter to a ER facility and let me tell you I felt the Lexapro.
It could be. I can't remember all my symptoms. I started April 22. I do know I had real bad anxiety for a good week and felt like death when I woke up in the mornings.
The first week I slept awful then like a rock now back to awful. Seems I did have some headaches that first week nothing real bad though.

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