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yes it comes in different forms for everyone and usually something triggers the attacks, discovering the trigger for you personally is key. worrying that you will get a panic attack will increase the chances, that is the most self defeating part of them. mine last for hours and i end up throwing up with hot cold flashes and spend part of my day fearing them. i wake up with them from deep sleep at times as well. there are medicines that you can take as you feel the panic attack approaching. lorazepam works very well and quickly. you feel it coming on, you take that and you will not get the attack. there are many different medicines, i have tried many and recently because of my addiciton background was given seroquel as opposed to zanax and lorazepam because they have tendencies toward addiction. try to find what is triggering the attacks for YOU on a personal level and realize that no matter how bad it is and how worried you are that it is something serious, it is your body getting into protection mode when you have that attack, your body is responding to your personal fear of something. i have trouble discovering what triggers mine but i believe it comes from me knowing i have done terrible things to my body for many years and fear that it is catching up to me as a simple headache can send me into hours of panic and anxiety and illness. find out your fear and change your life today. once you are in touch with what you are fearing, like death or serious illness for me because of years of unhealthy behavior/ actions, fear of possible heart attacks in an overwight person can cause them, what is it for you? discover it and make the life changes to benefit you so you dont have to worry about the past or what could happen. good luck

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