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Hi Wolfman,

I was sick the first day I was on Effexor, a lot like morning sickness but it went away mid-morning. The first few weeks it was fatigue, lack of sex drive, weight gain. That was about it, but after 3 months I was still taking 2 hour naps daily and I can't be doing that. Plus, I would get REALLY tired when I was driving and almost fall asleep. The weight gain was really tough too, I gained about 30 pounds in those 3 months. As soon as I went off I lost all that weight. I know that I really can't blame the meds for the weight gain per se, I think because my nerves weren't frazzled on a daily basis my metabolism slowed down as a result. Effexor worked wonders as far as anxiety but I decided to do a major lifestyle change and get off the meds. I ended up dropping out of college and cutting my hours back at work. I was a single mom trying to do too much. I was doing ok for a while keeping the anxiety at bay, but it's crept back and now interfering with my life, only this time I'm only working 20 hours a week. It's starting to interfere with my life, it's hard for me to look forward to anything because I fear something bad will happen. That's why I'm drawing the line and getting help now.

I'm starting Zoloft tomorrow and hoping I'll have better results with it. Ya know, I hear you about the "comfort zone" thing. I'm all about stability. I do not do well with change at all. It scares the daylights outta me. My anxiety really acts up then. Maybe this is what you're experiencing? I worked for a company for 4 years. All I did all day long was pick up bags and deliver them. That's it. I drove my own car and did that all day. But ya know what? I always thought to myself, if this job paid slightly better, I'd probably do it for the rest of my life, because I felt safe there. No boss looking over my shoulder, I knew the job inside and out. I ended up quitting to finish school which I'm still working on.

Are you taking any medication, or thinking about it?

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