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I am 38 years old and have been dealing with anxiety since October. I really seemed to be improving, but for the last 2 days, my lips and head are tingling along with my left hand. I also have shooting pains through my head. The tingling is constant which makes me start thinking again that I may have something physical wrong. I feel like I could check out any minute. This feeling is keeping me from sleeping along with the pressure in my head when I lay down. When I lay down, I also feel like my body just cannot relax due to these odd feelings. I do not know how much longer that I can take it. It is so frustrating to feel so much better and then suddenly crash to feeling worse than ever. Does anyone else have these symptoms or feelings? I feel so discouraged at this point. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.
When my anxiety is bad is have a constant tingling in my hands and feet, and sometimes my chest. As a matter of fact, I'm feeling it right now. I think it's a pretty common symptom, and I've read that shooting pains is pretty common too.
I don't know anything to help it. :(
I just went through those myself. My anxiety was at its worst in 30 years. I thought I was dying.
Have you seen your doctor? I would rule everything else out befor saying hey its anxiety.
I dont know of you are on any meds for your anxiety, if not maybe its time to get some. They just gave my Xanax xr .5mg and lexapro. Its been 2 weeks and all my tingling is gone.
good luck.
I just wanted you to know that I have the same swelling head feeling and the same shooting pains in my head too i dont get too much tingling. But i always freak that i'll check out seems to happen mostly at night, when i'm most afraid of dieing in my sleep over my weird symptoms.
It does sound like your anxious. I was just told to start on paxil. I'm going to work on my anxiety first with out meds because ive read alot about people able to do it. I'm not that badly anxious that i cant try and get it under control first. Meds will be my last option. So far so good...I'm exercising more and keeping my mind busy with other things and havent had panic feelings in a few days now :)
Thank you for your replies. I feel a little better today. The tingling is still there, but the anxiety is a little less. The reassurance that others have battled the same symptoms helps. Someone mentioned my medication, I am currently taking .25mg of ativan to help me sleep at night. My doctor tried me on paxil, lexapro, and zoloft. All of them were unbearable, especially the paxil.
Hi Ron,

I have the tingling, prickling, and burning skin going too. I think part of mine may be anxiety. Also, I have a mild circulatory problem that my doctor diagnosed in April, so mine could be that too. It does cause me to feel anxious though, and then that makes all these symptoms worse. I try to keep my mind busy on other things and it seems to help. God bless!
My chest alway feels tight or somtimies like it's "empty" is the best way to say it. I'am pretty sure it just my anxiety as 6 months ago when they 1st came up the ER I went to kept me for about 24 hours and ran many test form EKG's to a sonogram on my legs for blood clots and 2 cat scans on my chest the 1st showed something they were not sure of so the gave me a 2nd very detailed chest cat scan and blood work and all were fine so I'am pretty sure that the "feeling" is just my anxiety. as that what they came up with when I went back to the ER 7 days later.
I'm a 25 year old female with a history of anxiety. For the past year or so it's been under control. HOWEVER I have recently began feeling a tingling or prickly sensation in my hands and feet. My entire left arm sometimes feels like it's alsleep too. I automatically came to the conclusion that I have Multiple Sclerosis, which makes my anxiety level go through the roof. I don't have med insurance, so I can't go see a doc. Has anyone experienced this before? I'm so scared that I have MS. I can barely function!

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