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Comptons...I agree. Yeah, one doc gave me Xanax to take as needed a year ago. I tried it, and it seemed to work, but my symptoms of anxiety (if I can recall correctly) weren't as bad then. I did have the annoying internal vibration/shaking. But the Xanax did wipe me out. I usually just slept, and when I awoke (if it was less than a night's sleep) I'd awak to being dizzy and off balance.

I suppose none of us like drugs, or wish we didn't have to take them. I'm definitely in that catagory. I see the problems at the FDA and that no drug is without side effects and problems and I want to see if I can cope -- and certainly be tested (at least) to rule out all other possiblities.

I definitely do have anxiety...I've tracked my responses to stimuli and situations, and I have plenty to be anxious about, as well. I the end, that may be all it is. Which is bad enough. I don't relish looking for other causes. I hate it. I have people relying on me, and ignorance would be bliss -- if I could chance that. I can't. But I suppose I'll have to fight my way to getting tested as many diagnosed with anxiety and written off do.

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