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amy...nice to know I'm not alone. It does USUALLY happen when I'm sitting in front of the computer for a long time, and holding my neck still. But the inner shaking that happenes with anxiety is also often there and continues after I move to lay down. Massaging does help so I am pretty sure it's stiff muscles. I to have taken Asprin, Tylenol ... mainly for the tension headaches that follow if I remain in this position or must due to work. I try to stretch, of course. It cn happen when standing too. I didn't think I was stiff, but others have commented on it from time to time.
I don't really have much advice to give you, just support. I get the same thing. I am absolutely certain mine is directly related to stress/anxiety. I am in school, and on a day that I have a test my neck stiffens up so bad I can't hardly stand it. I try relaxing my muscles, stretching my neck out, laying doesn't help. When I have this problem I can't even eat because my jaw is too sore/tired to chew. I then realize when I lay down and try to relax that my back is killing me. It's weird, because I don't feel the back pain until I try to relax my back muscles. I usually will have to lay backwards over a yoga ball to get the tension out. I had these problems for weeks before my wedding last year. But lately - for me, it's just been a short term problem (everytime I have a test) then it goes a way, thank God. But if you have long term stress and anxiety it can drive you crazy. Taking xanax helps me when I have this problem, but I don't really like to take it because it makes my head so foggy and I can't seem to remember anything that happens while on it.

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