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I have had a similar experience. About 3 months ago, for the first time, I had several panic attacks in a row. I was lying down and I got that rush feeling, heart racing and tingling sensation that went up my chest and into my head. I even felt dizzy lying down. I thought something was terriby wrong with me, which physically so far nothing has been found. This went on for a few weeks, almost nightly, then gradually began to taper off. I also had chills when this was happening. In the weeks that followed, I mainly would just get the tingling in my head and kind of a pressure feeling all on top or on my forehead. Very strange! Once it happened while I was driving and I felt pretty dizzy (now it's mainly just the tingling) and was so scared when I finally made it home I just stood in my husband's arms and cried. Then I felt better...

Anyway, my GP didn't seem alarmed by this symptom and so I haven't pursued any testing and have to say that it is slowly diminshing. It's always an option to talk to your Dr. about getting tests to rule out problems just for your peace of mind. At this point, I feel like I just need to keep reminding myself that it's just a weird anxiety symptom.

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