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Hi Heather, I do sometimes wake up with the hidious head rush feeling but only about 10 minutes after falling asleep. In the morning I am always slightly dizzy and light headed but nothing compared to the head rushes.
What freaks me out is that I can have them for no reason, I eve had one when playing pitch n putt.
the rushing in the mouth is something that I haven't experienced, my whole body and face almost doesn't feel like it's mine when it happens, argghhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's so hard to explain but it feels like my head and body aren't attached. Whatever happens it's bad, I would do anything to stop it. i'm going to adopt a healthier lifestyle, no caffeine, nicotine, and not so much alcahol, that may help.
The thing that I find scary is, what if it happened on a motorway? I would prob crash and die, I was lucky to manage to pull over the last time it happened.


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