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hey melanie!! my saga with anxiety and insomnia has been more eventful than a downward spiral of a famous singer!! i dont actually have advice and what i am about to tell you is not the best route to go. i am only 24 and i think that is why i dont get more effective medications. if u look alot of folks on here are receving xanax and valium and klonopin. i cant even get sone ambien!!!!!!!!! antidepressants make my manic episodes even worse so i refuse them. i had been on depakote 2 different times in the hospital but for only a couple of different days. so this last time i went to a follow up clinic and lied and said i had been on depakote and it worked. i had no idea if it really would or not. it did and i have seen a big difference in my anxiety. at times it still brings me to my knees!!, but it is some better. ask about it on your next visit. my clinic was closed the last time my insomnia got out of hand. i stumbled into a regular clinic but the nurse practitioner couldn'y prescribe the proper meds. i asked for phenergan as a experiment once again. i had taken it for stomach issues and sometimes, but not always, it would make me sleepy. she agreed and it does help when taken with depakote. just ask anyway. all they can do is say no. can u tell me what sleep aid they put you on?

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