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Has anyone experienced discrimination at their workplace because they had panic attacks/anxiety? I believe I am experiencing this now where I work but would love some feedback from others!

I am taking Cymbalta for mine and one of the side effects is memory loss and congnitive skills loss. My boss doesnt understand even though I highlighted it on the pamphlet inside the box that clearly states it.

He says that it is just me being lazy and not workinng thouroughly (sp). He has cussed me out for messing up and then the other attorney, when I told him I am not gonna be treated like that, he has started making smart comments to me and about my work. Not sure what to do. They seem like they dont want to fire me but are trying to push me out the door.


Me. :confused:
I feel that it is because of my drug that i am taking. Before, my work performance was great. 2 raises in 2 months and he was very careful not to upset me and knew of the anxiety.

Then, i went on Cymbalta and my memory is really slipping. I am missng simple things that I used to do very well. The only thing I can think of is the Cymbalta and it state right in the drug pamphlet that memory loss is and can be a side effect. Since then I hear one of the partners making jokes about how I cant remember stuff and then the one cussed my out because i messed up on something.

when it first started happening i was frustrated because i could not figure out what it was. THen I figured it out and tried to tell my boss and he just brushed me off and said it couldnt be that ( my anxiety or the meds) but it was me not following up properly. BS i told him. It is this drug and i eve tapered down but it is still there. So, it is either stay on the drug and keep messing up and risk losing my job or stop taking it and think that I am dying everyday and panic attacks. Fun huh?

Thanks for speaking with me. They are trying to get me to quit. They are very unprofessional and cussed out another girl today also for no reason.

FYI my boss has untreated Bi Polar disease.


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