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Re: Starting Zoloft
Jul 12, 2005
I started Zoloft about 2 months ago. I had panic anxiety disorder.
First 2 weeks was on 12.5mg & then 25mg. I'm on a low dose because of my body weight/size. I'm petite and didn't do too well on the higher dose which I tried for a month around 5 or so months ago. The higher dose made me hyper & talk way too fast so, I went off it and later went back on the lower dose.
I had been taking xanax to get rid of it before the zoloft but I don't need any benzo's at all now.
My first week on zoloft: a little more anxiety than normal. Had maybe 2 panic attacks, upset stomach a few days and heart burn (I don't have heart burn at all if I eat before I take the zoloft, by the way). I was also, CRANKY and had a few wacky thoughts but I kept my cool and said to myself, it's just the meds, it will pass as my body adjusts.... Anyway, no improvement in my condition.
2nd week on Zoloft: My anxiety was less towards the end of the 2nd week. No more upset stomach. I read on the panic attacks boards and learned a breathing technique that made my panic attacks go away in 10 to 30 seconds! amazing, because mine used to last for 1 to 2 hours! I started facing my fears that brought on my panic/anxiety (for me it was driving, waiting in lines or traffic, getting too hot and some times for no reason at all). Around the end of the 2nd week I stopped having panic attacks but still had my fears and "what if" thinking so, I was still scared of the panic.
3rd week on zoloft: The start of the week, I was feeling pretty good and then literally woke up one day and felt completely normal! It was great! I started driving a little more each day but the "thoughts and fears" of having anxiety/panic were still in the back of my mind. Towards the end of that week, I was driving and all of a sudden realized that I had my music on, singing away having a great time and had not even thought about panic or anxiety the whole time I'd been driving! I coudn't believe it! It's been over 2 years since a day went by that I didn't think or worry about having attacks (i had a lot of them in the past)! I felt so good about it that I wanted to push it and see how far I could go without feeling bad so, I went out to eat, shopping, visited some people and just had a great normal day! I felt like going downtown, standing in the streats, screaming, "I FEEL NOORRRRMMAALLL!!!!" :bouncing: It's the best feelling you can imagine to feel good again after suffering with this for so long!
4th week on Zoloft: The guy I'd been dating on and off for 5 years decided to dump me for someone else which sucked pretty bad. I did feel hurt but not crushed, not fearful of moving on like I would have before. After a day, I could careless if he moved on and haven't really even thought about it too much. I visited some of my family and went on a camping trip then again, realized that I still felt great/normal, like I did before I ever had anxiety or panic attacks! Maybe even a little better than before!
5th week and up until now: I still feel great! There have been maybe 5 days out of all this time that I've had any anxiety. I've felt like a panic attack might come on 2 of those times but it didn't and the feeling only lasted a few seconds. I don't worry about it at all since I learned the correct breathing technique which has been like a QUICK way get rid of it before it gets started so, if you don't know it, learn it! It does help if done "correct". The anxiety I had those few days was mild but my dad just deid on the 7th of july and was in a lot of pain leading up to that so, I'm sure it was due to that. So far, on zoloft, I've noticed that I don't dwell on things, my feelings hurt when they should hurt but not extreem and not for more than a few days, then I move on easily. I can live my life without fear, worry or feeling bad (I still have a normal, good balance of emotions). I don't feel dependant on anyone. When things fall appart or go wrong I seem to deal with it quickly now and not sweat it as much as before. The past stays in the past and I live more in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or day dreaming the day away about what or where I could be. I feel more motivated and panic & anxiety pretty much never enters my mind anymore (even the few times it does, it's like nothing and the thought is gone as fast as it enters my mind). I'm there for the people I love more often, such as my family & friends. Life is great now! Hang in there.. I know it seems like for ever to wait 4 to 6 weeks when you feel bad.. but let me tell you, "IT'S WORTH IT"! If the zoloft ends up not working for you then don't give up because there IS a medication out there that will work for you and you can get your life back!
Relax, learn the correct breathing technique and find ways to reward yourself for your efforts & time put in to getting better!
Good luck & take care,
T. :)

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