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[QUOTE=philr]Tpanic411 I have a bunch of xrays and take them to the chiropractor and let him look at them.I have wondered being this is a workmans they might see something there biyt dont think it is work related. :confused:[/QUOTE]
Hi, I feel ya with the whole "we can't find anything drama" that dr's put you through cause I went through it too.
What type of work do you do? If you're working sitting at a computer, answering phones or where you have to be in a position where your posture has to be out of line where your head is sort of slumped forward over time then you can develop what's called "forward head posture" aka: FHP. Later if you have an accident, even a small accident which is what happened to me several months before my neck went bad but anyway, the accident can easily mess up your neck if you have any FHP before hand. An accident alone can mess up your neck but like I said, FHP develops over time and makes your neck fragile and susceptible to bad injury. Look up FHP on the net and see what comes up so, you can get a better understanding of it.
If I were you, I'd take the xrays you have to the chiropractor AND also, have the chiropractor take some xrays for you too because they have you stand up for the xrays they take and makes it easier to see anything in the spine that's out of line. All the xrays I had done at the ER were taken laying down on my back in which case caused my neck to kind of line out and look correct in the xray so, I think that's how the chiropractor caught mine (standing up) even I could see it. Make sure to find a chiropractor you can trust because I've heard that some will show you a fake xray to get you to do treatment to get money out of you. I KNOW that the xray I was shown was mine because I have one wisdom tooth left on my bottom left side and it was there in the xray. Just pay attention to the teeth alignment in the xrays to make sure they match up to yours. That's one way of being sure. If the xrays you have already have a good image of your teeth in them then you can compare them to the ones the chiropractor take. Anyway, I ended up having 2 discs in the neck that were "pushed in" which was putting pressure on some of my nerves and making me have all those weird feelings (those feelings are similar to anxiety due to the numbness, tingling, etc) but the fact that I was told over and over that I was fine for a LONG time by some many different types of doctors is what caused me to develop anxiety in the first place because I KNEW something was wrong more than just in my head which is also a common claim by all people with anxiety/panic anyway so, I was not taken serious by doctors. There was at least 2 months where I had a headache that NEVER eased up and felt like someone stabbed me in the top back part of my head & was was pulling me backwards (like my balance was off as well as all the other odd symptoms I mentioned in my last post).
Also, one of my brothers works in a factory making parts for Vans and he developed problems with his neck too over time from the type of work he was doing. He had discs in his neck that were bulging "out". He also, went to a lot of doctors and had tests ran only to be told nothing was wrong (bunch of crap if you ask me) Anyway, I sent him to my chiropractor and they found the problem and started treating him 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks then 2 times a week for 2 weeks, then 1 time a week for a month. Guess what.... He's fine now! His symptoms were the same as mine & yours were too so, I know that if you find a good, trustworthy chiropractor that they CAN help you with this if it's neck or spine related. Believe me, you'll know it from your first treatment! On my very 1st treatment, he cracked my neck a few times here and there and the headache I had for 2 months went away in about 5 seconds! I was soooooooooo happy to have found SOMEONE who could and would help me with it! It don't hurt to try a chiropractor and it's best to try and get treated BEFORE you do develop more anxiety issues. I know it can be stressful getting told that you're fine when you really do have a problem which in it's self was enough to cause me to develop anxiety issues that later turned into panic attacks. I know the difference between the pain from having a neck injury & having panic & anxiety attacks. With a neck injury there's a LOT more physical pains such as muscle cramps in the back, headaches, feeling off balance, etc... I think Dr's confuse the tingling, numbness in the hands, arms, feet, face, etc., with anxiety because those symptoms are also, felt during anxiety AS WELL as with a neck injury. Since I had a neck injury first (before ever having anxiety) I truly know the difference in the feelings. Though I have anxiety/panic now I don't have ANY of the odd feelings I had when my neck was out of line and the type of tingling, numbness I have from anxiety feels a little different than the type with neck problems. It's less severe with just anxiety/panic. The big issue with panic/anxiety is the heart racing, tight throat, difficulty breathing, feeling uneasy and anxious. The tingling & numbness from anxiety for me seems to be like a warning that panic or anxiety is about to happen and it comes and goes. With a neck injury those feelings stay but can be very mild at times and then when you do certain things (for me it was driving/holding my arms up in a sitting position) can get so severe that it can cause bad muscle spasms in random parts of your body or horrible headaches that feel like you busted a blood vessel in your head. I had muscle spasms so bad a few times from the neck problem (during driving) that it looked like I was being electrocuted. My arms drew up and turned inwards and my back drew up so bad that it would pull my upper body backwards and jerk my head backwards! Mom thought I was having a seizure but I was checked for that and didn't have one. Plus I remember every second of it. When you have a seizure, you don't remember it.
Ask friends and family if they have seen a chiropractor and if they were good or not. Look around and find a good one then go see him and let me know how you feel. My brother told me he felt 80% better just after the first visit!
Good luck!

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