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Anxiety?? Or What??
Jul 13, 2005
I need some feed back. I am really desperate! I have been having many symptoms :
-Shortness of breath/hard to breath /breathless
-sore neck and shoulders
-balance/dizzy when I move my head or walk/light headed/feels like walking on unlevel in a boat.
-weak and tired
-occipital head pain and discomfort in that area
-ear pain and ringing
-burning tongue
-sore throat/feels like something in it
-difficulty swallowing
-sensitive scalp
-blurry eyes/light sensitive/trouble reading/glasses don't feel right
-difficulty falling asleep,staying asleep/not much sleep(withdrew from a benzo during the part year and have been free for 2 monnths)
-spaced unreal feeling
-short term memory problems
-concentration bad
-thinking out thins difficult

I have been to the ER twice thinking I had heart problems. They checked me out and brought up Anxiety.

I had an MRI of the brain..nothing unusual.

I was put on meds for GERD ..acid reflux and hiatus heria (which I do have.)

ENT ..said it was tight throat muscles likely caused by Anxiety.

Temporal Artery Biopsy..result came back negative. ESR an CRP were normal.

GP ..put me on Noritriptyline and told me to walk etc. That it could likely be Anxiety.

Medi Clinic Dr. twice within the last week when I went with my symptoms. Both said that it sounded like Anxiety.

Surgeon who did Biopsy.".you worry too much"

Rhuemetologist( two different ones)...Both said that it sounded like Anxiety and possibly Fibromyalgia.

Generalized Anxiety Class..I took this throughout the winter and spring when the first person said it could be anxiet

Psychiatrist..says it is Anxiety and OCD.

Can Anxiety cause the symptoms that I have??? If you have similar symptoms PLEASE let me know.

:confused: I think the uncertainty of these all being symptoms of Anxiety makes me more anxious because I keep thinking I may have some illness that they have overlooked and are calling it Anxiety.


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