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hey everyone- I am a 19 year old girl and have always been in relatively good health, but lately, i have noticed some weird things going on. about a week and a half ago I flew to a wedding which really stressed me out cause i hate flying. on the flight back before the plane took off, i was sitting there feeling very nervous and i got some pains in my chest. It was like a tingly/burning in my heart that lasted a few minutes. It was very mild but annoyed me and made me worry more than I already was. when i got home i still felt stressed because my left arm and hand began tingling and getting random pains in it. over the next few days I had the same thing with my left arm- tingling in my hand and some shooting pains in what felt like the veins of my arm. once it even hurt in my shoulder and up into my jaw...but all pains very for less than a minute! i a few chest pains randomly only for seconds...esp. if i took a deep breath or exhaled deeply. this all made me worry more. my heart also felt like it skipped a beat the other day. this has happened before but not for a while. i have been taking my blood pressure and pulse and they are both good. my stools have been a lot more frequent, skinnier, and orangish-brown in color. I even woke up with and upset stomach the other night. i have been looking up diseases online which makes me worry more. i read about sudden cardiac death in teens that can have no symptoms at all! the past 2 days it felt like my heart has been pounding in my chest and throat even though my pulse and bp are normal. Even if I walk a little bit my heart pounds harder and I can really feel it..its annoying. I feel tired and feel like I just want to sit around and do nothing. I think it may all be in my mind and all due to anxiety but then i worry that im wrong about that! i am thinking about going to the doctor but i want some advice, input, or common experiences first. On a side note, I have had 3 kidney stones since october of last year which is weird cause i am so young (my urologist doesnt know what is causing them yet) I have one that has been passing for months now without much pain but it seems to be hurting a lot more frequently lately. I want to know if this seems like just anxiety or what..i am worried and the pounding in ym chest thing has got me worried. i would really like some input. thanks so much.

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