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Hello fellow health worriers,

That's me too, I've been this way my whole life. Sometimes I'm fine for a couple of years and then it just hits me again. I've had problems with muscle twitches for about five year now and everytime they start getting really noticeable I start freaking out. I've been to the neurologist several times, had MRIs, EMGs and my condition is benign. I currently am convinced I have Parkinson's, last month I thought I had ALS. My prayers go out to anyone who has these things. My current systems are the twitches, muscle jerks before I fall asleep (and I sometimes feel like I'm jerking a little during the day and am totally obessessed with this at the moment), pressure in the back of my head, shakiness all over. I take Gabapentin (generic Neurontin) and will be starting Klonopin tomorrow. I would like to recommend a book to all of you that I just started reading. It's called "It's Not All In Your Head: How worrying about your health could be making you sick, and what you can do about it." It's by Gordon J. G. Asmundson and Steven Taylor, both health psychologists. They start the book off with some patient stories and after I read the first one I said, " Oh my God, that's me!!" Hopefully I'm allowed to recommend books in this post. I think this one will help me and hopefully it will help some of you too. Try not to worry!

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