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Don't appologize, being an animal lover and having a dog myself, I thouroughly understand your frustration and heartship!!! I would've personally fed that Vet a couple years supply of "anti-depressants" at one dose! This is why I have such OUTRAGE about the obusive prescribing of these Brain Altering meds which people are running to their doctors for like CANDY!!! As mentioned, I've suffered HORRIBLE General Anxiety Disorder for Six months now and could'nt wait to get off the Lexapro after being on it for almost six weeks! I'm now two days off it and though I don't feel Great,, I feel better then when I was on that garbage!!
If all these people who think this is the "CURE" to all their problems would just realize it's not only the easy way out (due to all the HORRIBLE side effects getting on it, or never being able to get off it), but the longer you're on it, the more it wears off and you need more and more, or have to start from scratch with a new one (and the nightmare starts all over again)!! Your brain my acclimate to the drug in time,, but to what expense?? Giving yourself a "Labotomy" is'nt my idea of "CURING" the problem, it's just COVERING IT UP!
You know it's really funny (not funny but dumb). I've been asked by several people, "if you had diabetes, would'nt you take insulin"? Well, Yes I would,,however insulin does'nt give you all the SICK SIDE EFFECTS that these anti-depressants give you!! Insulin is also a "PROVEN" medication in diabetes treatment!!!! They don't give you one type of insulin for a couple months while you vomit, crawl the walls with anxiety, get suicidal thoughts, have horrible insomnia, brain zaps, weight gain, weight loss, sweats, loss of sex drive, and walk around lathargic like a ZOMBIE without any of your NORMAL emotions or feelings and then when that one does'nt work,, pull you off it and put you on another one,, over and over untill they find one that works!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by that time your condition has gotten worse while waiting for a "cure" (band aide) or you don't find any relief and have just spent month destroying brain cells! They JUST GIVE YOU INSULIN BECAUSE IT WORKS,,, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!! Diabetic sufferers are'nt used as "lab rats" like the people who can't wait to be put on these Anti-depressants,,, DRUG CHOICE of all those money hungry medical pros!!! Pro's YEA, RIGHT! And that's my two cents.

My deepest sympathys go out to you on the loss of your dog! I can only hope the vet that did this suffers for it!!

Good luck,

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