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I can feel my pulse in my head, neck, arms, fingers. I can see my stomach pumping up and down(along with the pulse), along with my arms(opposite side of elbow), and penis . the stomach pumps are big enough to see through my shirt.

i also have been having some minor pains in the chest area, numbness(like it feels like blood running really fast) through my legs, and twitching/blood running feeling in my legs.
I also sometimes get a burning sensation in the center of chest, not achey, just burn.

my stomach/abdomen have also been hurting. sometimes achey, sometimes like nausea. the abdomen will be a stingy feeling especially in the left side.

also, I have been having kidney pains that seem to occure more when i drink caffiene/lots of sugar.

anxiety or worse?
hi- this is definitley anxiety. i have had the same symptoms before i started on an ssri.
i am very curious because i match for every single symptom for AAA.
aaa is an aneurysm in the aorta artery.
the main symptom that people see is stomach pulsations.
there's others like numbness in leg, chest/lower back pains, loss of weight(lost 30 lbs since beginning of June without trying), feverish.
Wow - I was just about to post the EXACT same thing as you. Amazing!

I have the same feelings as you, and additionally I have these throbbing spasms in my temples and above my ears from time to time. These seem to be related to TMJ - which is probably caused by me worrying and panicking so much!

Anyway, I went and got my heart checked out, and an ekg, and they said everything was fine. That should have relieved me...but it didn't. Now I'm just trying to relax and stop worrying but the bouding/strong pulse is still there!

Oh well, reading your post makes me feel a little better because I know I'm not alone. Good luck dude!
Maybe you should check your blood pressure. I can see my pulse in different areas if my BP or pulse rate is high.
Therapy will tell you to look at it in a different light. Like - wow, my blood is pumping throughout my whole body - that's good since that is what it's supposed to do. I know - it doesn't really work for me either, but doesn't hurt to try.
If it helps, I have had the same symptoms for about 5 years now - it gets worse, then eases off for a while... From my experience, it was anxiety-related..... Every time it happens, and you panic, it makes it worse and the cycle starts again.
I have the same symptoms. Its basically your adrenaline pumping. I remember having tingling all in my face a few years back and I was scared to death because I didn't know what it was. One time I had burning all in my face and hands. I've also had real bad heart palpatations at certain times of stress in my life. Anxiety can make you stomach sick I have been so sick with stress that I couldn't eat at all I did was vomit. I think the symptoms of anxiety is something that causes more fear in having it because you don't know what your experiencing, when I was younger and having all these symptoms I had no idea what was going on and I didn't know what anxiety was!
i feel like getting an ultra sound would put some of my worries to ease. how would i go about getting one, though?

thanks for all the replies also
Just need to talk to your doc. and ask for one. Maybe this will give you peace of mind. You must know, however, that for most of us - this is only temporary relief. The symptoms will keep on until you're convince it is something else. But still - you need to do whatever it takes to reassure yourself.
okay so i am having a lot of these exact same symptoms.. people tell me im becoming a hypocondriac (sp) where i always think something is wrong with me. i get those weird pulses and twitching all over and it just makes me get more anxiety.. and ive been tested for anemia and gastritis, my blood was perfectly fine when they did it.. i've lost about 15 pounds the past few months.. and ive had acid reflux.. and i have minor TMJ and pain at my ear and headaches.

the only thing that seems to get rid of this anxious feeling is being around friends or my boyfriend... but most of my friends live in other states because theyre friends from college.. and most of my friends at home are off doing their own thing. and my boyfriend wants to take a break, so i only see him like 1/3 as much as i used to. this summer i havent had a job (only did for 2 weeks), so i pretty much sit home alone all the time and it gets really lonely. i have the computer and occasional phone calls.. but i just really need to go do something fun.. and i dont want to do it alone :(

this is consuming me and i know it is.. and i dont know what to do. i am taking medication, i try to get my mind off things, and i dont know what else to do :(
I think the only thing people can do is try to keep there minds off of things. We should all do things that make us less anxious. I know when I was having a lot of anxiety my mom would tell me to try to keep my mind off of it and I couldn't, it just kept drilling me. My therapist told me to get into a routine and that would cause less anxiety. Routine is kind of hard for me to follow!
is the pulse thing okay? sometimes i feel like i feel my pulse so much that i am going to cause myself harm by thinking about it so much and make my pulse race too much
Hi nancy005, your thread caught my eye about the burning on your hands because that is one of my main symptoms and yet noone seems to be mentioning that?? Was it just your hands...Painful burning like sunburnt? I can see my body pulsing, my heart pounding in my chest, i can feel it all the time even when iam relaxed. Thankyou!
My gosh, your symptoms sound exactly like mine.

I was worried that I was having heart problems at first, but had many tests & ruled all of that stuff out.

And now - basically - yes, it's anxiety.

I would see a doctor to rule out anything physical, no matter what. Just my opinion.
Jmadd everything you have said is exactly how i am.I can see and feel my pulse in my stomach and it beats with my heart.I also thought i had AAA but my doctor said its anxiety.How long have you felt or seen the pulse in your stomach.Ive had mine for 2 weeks.

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