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Hi jls,

I have been on Lexapro for about 5-6 weeks. First I took 5 mg, then was upped to 10 mg after a week, then, after about 4 weeks, i was upped to 15 mg. It has helped me alot. You really need to ask your dr. for something additional to help with the anxiety, til the lexapro kicks in. I hear that it takes about 6 weeks. I have changed doses twice, so have not really been on 1 particular dose for 6 weeks. I am fixing to ask my dr. for just a few valium for the really bad days. That helps too.

Some people can take lexapro and it works, and some people can take it and all it causes is problems! But it does take time for it to work.

Hope you feel better. Take care. Wannabe

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