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Hi everyone,
I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember.
Finally I have come to the point where I decided to try some meds. Tried Effexor for about 2 monthes and found that it did absolutely nothing..doc switched me to the generic form of Celexa, and although I am feeling a little better, I still have irrational fears. I just want to know if anyone else worries about the things that I worry about?

I had the feeling before that I could not breathe, especially when I was standing up, so now even though I don't have the shortness of breath, I am scared that if I stand for too long I won't be able to breathe. I know this sounds really strange, but these are the things that I worry about...
I moved to a big city from a small town and am afraid to drive anywhere, afraid that I may get lost, or go the wrong way down a one way, that I will hold up traffic etc. If I have to go somewhere that I don't know I make my fiance drive me there first.
I feel anxious 24/7. Especially in the morning..
I could sleep anytime, anywhere, or else I am so wired that I am up almost 24 hours.
I feel sad and alone, but yet don't want to be around or talk to anyone. Have trouble getting the motivation to feed my kids dinner...and many times my fiance has to do it.
I just want to feel normal again...was anxiety free for almost 3 it's back and I feel like a failure. I am angry at myself for letting these emotions creep back into my life. I feel that no matter how hard I try...I don't know how to relax anymore.
Can anyone relate to anything that I am saying?
Thanks for reading

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