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hi I will try lol but it is hard when your wife doesnt want to take any medication it sounds like it would really really benifit her

I havent had a that fear of vomiting obession,but I have had bad health anxiety.For a few years I swore I had a brain tumor because of all the symptoms I had.When my anxiety hits (with physical symptoms) I usualy fear the worst is wrong with me and start to diagnose myself.I understand how she feels it is a very frieghtening thing to deal with.I think the water bottle thing is like you say more of a security thing.I used to run for a glass of O.J when I felt my symptoms.Of course it wasnt helping,but I thought it was which sometimes worked for me because my thought process had changed.

Anyway,always remember that this isnt just in her mind the things she feels physicaly from the anxiety are all very real.I have to say she is lucky to have such a concerned hubby.It sounds like you try to do whatever you can to make her more comfortable.I bet my hubby could relate in the past there is no doubt in my mind I had drove him NUTS! because of anxiety lol.

The best thing to do is just keep being there for her and talk to her.Try to deter her scarey thoughts.I wish she would go to her doctor about this there are so many medications that really help and not all will make her feel drugged up.I used to take prozac and clonopin daily.They really helped me so much all anxiety was gone It was like they just blocked it all out.The only complaint I had while taking those was the fatigue I was almost always tired feeling.The benifits outweighed the cost though.I felt "normal" again.I am not on meds right now because the anxiety comes and goes few years with few years without.

the only real advice I can give you is to keep trying to get her into that doctors office or a therapist if she is not going to take medication she should at least learn techniques to help her.

I hope this has helped in some way
good luck to you and your wife

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