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I have so many symptoms and they change alot,so it is hard to say what an attack for me is like.I can give an example though.....when driving I sometimes suddenly feel keyed up and on edge,my breathing gets shallow,i may or may not have aching or stabbing pains in an arm.I get that dissasociation feeling.Just sooo many different things happen to me in attacks.They can come over nothing I am aware of ,or from stress.
I can try and make a list of things ive had so far:
tight chest and chest pains
aches and pains in limbs
achey jaws (from clenching my teeth)
palpitations,skipping beats,flutters
thinking im dying of some disease or going nuts
fainting (5 times in my life)
nausea feeling in glands under bottom jaw
stomach cramps
ringing in ears
insomnia and racing thoughts (sometimes very odd thoughts)
shortness of breath
loss of feeling in a hand or arm
tingling limbs
sharp shooting pains in head
hot,cold flashes

that is all I can think of right now.It all started for me about 11 years ago when I was 19 years old I am 30 now.I have been on medications off and on depending on how bad it is.I can go months or even years with hardly any anxiety and then it will return with a vengence.Sometimes when an attacks starts I just tell myself it is only the anxiety and I will be fine.Then I focus on my breathing.As long as I do that I seem to pull through.If it becomes a thing where I feel the anxiety symptoms constant for weeks or months I get back on medication.
anxiety is really tuff and can take over our lives,but medication,breathing,and the positive thoughts and excersize seem to help me alot.Although sometimes if ya heard me during alot of anxiety youd prob think I was loosing my mind lol
thanks for this thread .............Beth

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