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Did you ever use extacy? I did a lot when I was younger and am now suffering from the lows I have. About 5 years after abusing extacy I later developed high stress, anxiety and then panic attacks. I believe that using that drug caused all of this. I'd heard before that the extacy users generation would be a depressed one due to the damage caused from it. It opens the part of your brain that releases serotonin so, that it floods out into your system over several hours causing you to feel a lot like you do when you're iiiintenssssly in love, pleasure, etc... But I heard that the brain only produces so much of the chemical serotonin through out your life time and slows when you get older. The extacy also, breaks off/damages receptors in the brain making it more difficult to receive the correct balance of chemical such as serotonin. Some of the receptors can grow back but the serotonin levels may still be too low. I'm now on an SSRI (zoloft) which is helping me feel normal again. There are some odd side effects though such as depersonalization some times but not as bad as anxiety and panic attacks so, I'm VERY happy with it. I just wish I could go back in time and tell myself what I heard about extacy is TRUE and the long term effects are a nightmare!
Take care,
[QUOTE=SadFreek]I have used X about four times, and never felt anything off of them. My friends were rolling hard core, we all had the same things.

Guess I need to get mine checked as well. Because no serotonin=no good feeling from X. Plus I am a generally down person anyhow.[/QUOTE]
Each person metabolizes medicines and drugs differently. There are I think 4 different "types" of metabolizers. The 1st type is very sensitive to meds and can have strong effects from even the slightest bit. The 4th type are more complicated and can't metabolize a lot of med's/have bad reactions or don't get anything from the meds or drugs. (i can't remember exactly how each one goes but you can look it up on the net under "DNA drug reaction").
By the way, if you drink alcohol or take some types of speed during taking x there's a 70% chance you wont feel much if anything from the x. But stay away from x.... I know it feels GRrRrrreat but that's the catch... You don't "crave" it so, you don't think you're addicted but it feels so good you end up doing it and eeeeveryone around you wants to do it over and over.. 10+ years later you're depressed, have anxiety and maybe even panic attacks (like me). It SUCKS and I can't go back and change it. I have to live with this for God knows how long (probably forever) and it's hard to even have a normal hour in the day.. It NEVER leaves your mind day or night and how you feel inside. If you get to the panic attack stage it's like being on the verge of death every 5 minutes of EVERY day. If you're not having one then you worry about having one (panic attack). You start avoiding places you've had one until you're stuck in your house scared to move for fear of death and panic. It's crazy what the mind can do to you over time but this is REAL and it can happen to anyone so, skip the rollz.. Hell, in the long run you'd be better off being a crack head cause at least you can recover from that.
Take it from a seasoned veteran of the 1990's rave scene.... Long term use will mess you up. All my friends that did it with me have to be on antidepressants now.. Not one or 2 of them... ALL of them are on meds for the same crap I'm going through so, it has to be from eating so many rolls. I was never a weak minded person, nothing got me down, I was happy........ Now, I can't get through the day without SSRI's, breathing & relaxation techniques... SHEESH! It's a LOT of work doing all that just to be able to go get gas for you car, or shop for food, simple basic things you would never imagine are like facing your biggest fear every day. it's hard to even want to live when it gets really bad but I know I did this to myself. The quality of life I had before was for real a charmed life... Now, I have to settle for what I can force myself to get (which is not much but it's a LOT more now that I'm on zoloft). It's a huge struggle. I'm tired... Soooo tired from having to constantly prep myself for the next few minutes of my life... it's never ending, a living hell on earth, you just can't imagine how bad it is. Trust me, run awwaaayyyy from the X.
Take care of yourself and think about the future. You're stuck with yourself no matter how good or bad you feel. Now I'm stuck with THIS person (me) I created for a good 30 to 50 more years.... That's a LOOOONG time to feel like crap.

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