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Hey guys,
i have been fighting constant dizziness for over 12 years now, and noone seems to know what's wrong with me so I thought iíd post and see if anyone had some clever ideas.

My symptoms began during study for the hsc in 1993 and have been continuously with me ever since. The Ďdizzinessí itself is an intense groggy heavyheadedness like being hungover or having a head cold 24/7, and all the constant fatigue and headaches that goes with it. I donít experience vertigo or any other motion type dizziness.

Other major symptoms (as well as low energy and frequent headaches) include: dry, sore, itchy eyes; poor memory and concentration; and neck tension and pain (and inflexibility).

I also experience anxiety, particularly when I have to speak formally in front of others or am stressed (but I worry about oh so many things), and I have been diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder or social phobia. Although I have been told that anxiety could be a cause for the constant heavyheadedness, I reckon that the anxiety is a symptom of the primary issue, whatever that is. The main reasons iím not convinced itís anxiety is that I rarely feel anxious (although iím dizzy all the time), when I do get anxious I feel a different type of dizziness like a lightheaded buzzing feeling, and the grogginess never lets up and rarely fluctuates once iím up for the day, no matter where I am or what I am doing Ö am I wrong? :confused:

I have given up litres of blood for tests with no result. Liver and thyroid are working just fine. Blood pressure is dandy. I have had two eegs, two mris on my head (10 years apart) and one on my cervical spine, plus one ct scan on my head, with no results (thankfully I guess). I went to a hearing and balance clinic years ago (does anyone know if they check out your inner ear at these places?) and that came back clear. I also saw a sleep doctor to rule out sleep apnoea and other sleeping disorders iíve tried acupuncture, massage, physio and chiro with no results. Iíve popped my body weight in pills (anti-deps, anti-psychotics and many many others) with no effect.

I recently started seeing a psychologist because I was just so miserable and kinda depressed and not dealing well with the prospect of feeling so constantly horrid for the rest of my life. Heís trying to treat anxiety with a range of drugs (ie risperidal, edranax, seroquel), none of which have had any effect.

One last thing is that sleep seems to be the main thing that makes me have either a day where I can get up and function and get to work etc, or when I donít sleep well, iím a complete mess and barely able to think through the grogginess.

So, iím at a loss what to try next. Does anyone think I might be wrong about it not being anxiety? Does anyone feel like this? Any suggestions?

Many thanks

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