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So I don't know how quite to describe this. I feel this up in my head and in my chest. I feel like my chest tenses up, and my head gets pressure in it and I blink a lot for a few seconds. But I feel like I can stop this if I get myself to calm down. I think it has to do with the anxiety. Does anybody get something like this?

I'm worried that it's something left from the Depakote from being on an anti-seizure for 5 years. But I have been off of it for 7 months now, and I did taper properly. What are the odds that I would start feelings this type of thing 7 months later. If it is from that I would have felt it a lot sooner wouldn't I? Also I'm on Topamax for migraines right now. It's also an anti seizure, but I'm on only on 1/6 of the dose that epileptics would take for seizures...but still I would think that being on an anti seizure med would sort of block a seizure aftereffect if there did happen to be one from depakote. I really think it's from the extra anxiety I'm getting from being on the topamax as a side effect. Does anybody get this ridiculous blinking/tensing sensation where you just freeze up momentarily??
Wow, that's serious. Is it anything like I described? Yours sound much more serious. Mine is more like an eye twitch/blink where I just tense up momentarily....usually happens when I go for a deep breath where I have intense head pressure from the anxiety. But like I said, if I can get myself to calm down, it's seems to be within my control a bit. I sometimes stop for a second for it to pass...but I don't like lose consciousness in any way...or stop walking when this happens while walking, or anything. It's just a very uncomfortable feeling. And even though I've been off of depakote for a while now, this has ONLY happened since starting the Topamax.

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