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Ok I know this sounds very odd. I was dxed with generalized anxiety disorder, frequent panic attacks and hypochondrisis over 3 years ago. Over the years my anxiety from my childhood grew and grew to the point 3 years ago I had to take care of it.

They started me on the regulars, buspar then moved to zoloft then to effexor then to paxil. Klonopins for as needed basis, which worked wonders too. It seemed that although my general anxiety lessened somewhat the side effects took place of the unpleasantness of anxiety. Had a hard time getting off paxil, but now I am thank god.

I talked with a friend online that told me to give adderall a shot, that he suffered from anxiety, the same kind I have and for him it was a miracle drug. I went to my doctor told her my symptoms and the symptoms of ADHD. She agreed to allow me to test run on adderall with klonopin as a backup and sleep at night.

Being on adderall now for 6 months 40-60mgs a day, all I can say is that when I am on the drug all my anxiety is gone. My stress and fear,(hypochondria mainly) is vanished. I feel more focused, more calm and direct rather than more anxious and figgity. At night, if I need it I take some klonpin to help me sleep. I dont take the adderall on the weekends to try and keep my tolerance down.

So far my one big complaint is when the adderall wears off in the evening I find myself becoming increasingly anxious and nervous for a couple of hours. That and the dry mouth and talkativness I seem to gain while on it.

So my question is could amphetamines help some people with GAD and hypochonsrisis? Or is my anxiety a side effect of ADHD? Or is it that my mind and body get a sense of well being, an almost high that makes me feel no anxiety?

I believe this medicine has changed my life for the better and couldnt see me not having it around.

What do you all think?

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