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Starting Lorazepam
Aug 10, 2005
Anybody have info/experiences to share? I know it's the generic of Ativan. The psychiatrist I saw today said that it's absolutely no different than Ativan at all. I'm not taking a daily scheduled dose. I'm allowed to take up to 12 maximum tablets per day if I really needed to, but I let him know there's no way I would. 4 is the prescribed dose. But it's really "as needed". I was given the lowest dose. (.5). I will start by breaking them in half to see how they do with me when needed. But even with my fears of addiction, he said to not be stingy with them. That when I feel the anxiety coming on to take them and let myself get used to them. I can already tell that I"m going to hold back and not take them until I feel it 100% necessary. He also said that I can take one every hour until I feel it working (in other words if it doesn't kick in it means the dose isn't enough to do anything for me so I can take another one). I don't think I could allow myself to pop a benzo every hour without freaking out.

So anyway, looking for partial support, but more looking for info and experiences.

Don't worry???? But you're taking all the fun out of anxiety!! :)
I agree with you in that not everything works for everyone. I don't know if this thing I have will work or not. I'm hoping that all meds will be temporary. If I wasn't this anxious in the past I want to find a way to get back to that.

I'm starting biofeedback for my migraines soon . There are supposed to be good anxiety benefits from it as well. Hopefully it will help.

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