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So tonight I went to therapy for my normal talking session....and when I got in there I started having some of the worst anxiety I think I've ever had. It's always made me a little anxious going in there. the setting is a little formal and hard to take for me. I feel so "watched" in there and stared at. so I've always felt a little more anxious, but tonight was over the borderline. Not even borderline ridiculous...over the line completely. I was horribly fidgeting, couldn't sit still...but worse...the anxiety symptoms seem to be in my head physically lately. I couldn't stop blinking/eye twitching! It was like I developed a tick! I couldn't stop. I felt like I was on the verge of an anxiety attack, but it was so head confined that I didn't know what was going to happen....pass out, seizure....I didn't know. It wasn't coming as much from the chest where you'd expect an attack (although there was a little bit of deeper breathing).

I don't know what to attribute it to. The past two weeks since being on my full dose of Topamax for migraines I have felt much more anxious than the bad anxiety I was already having (and in fact, the blinking, and stuff in the head seemed to start more when the Topamax doses went up. Nervousness is a listed side effect of this med). So maybe that. I'm on amoxycillin right now for a sinus infection, but I wouldn't think that would do anything like this. I did take a Vitamin B complex for the first time ever tonight about 5:00 (my appt was at 7:30). I thought it was supposed to help anxiety, but the nutritionist said it helps give you energy. I wonder if this didn't give me more energy which gave me another anxiety boost?? The last thing someone with anxiety needs is an energy boost.

Either way the experience was so awful I had to leave before we got anything done. I felt a little better just by getting out of the office, but it definitely convinced me to give the benzo a shot. Can anyone explain this shot of anxiety?? I have a feeling it was SOMETHING I listed above.

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