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hi nathan, my dr. also gave me samples of 10 mg of lexapro. told me to break them and only take 5mg. in the morning for a week. if i feel better with no side effects after a week i can try the full 10 mg. if side effects start go back to 5mg. it may be enough for me. i don't intend to try the 10 mg unless weeks into it the 5 is not doing anything. i am very sensitive to SSRI's and believe the 5mg will be enough . as with jules who is still only taking 5mg after several weeks i believe with some of us it is enough. i also will be taking .5 mg of klonopin at night to aid in sleeping. i know many peole that take different SSRI's in the morning and a low dose of benzo,s at night . seems to work for all of them.keep plugging with the dr. most think you want a benzo to get high. mine knows i am not a pill popper unless it is necessary and that i am so hyper all a benzo does is takes the edge off. they don't make me groggy or sleepy, they just take the edge off the shakiness and panic. good luck in your journey.

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